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I am waiting

Just beneath the surface

Not quite visible

But still there

And breathing

Illustration by Charles Keeping


NaPoWriMo 2017 – No 1 – And a minute passed


It’s always a rush

To get to the place

That you need to be

Tick tock tick tock

It never stops

And is it really,

Actually there?

Does it care?

But still we heed it

As it goes on it’s way

Tick tick

Key in the lock

Tock tock

It’s time to get up

Time waits

For no man. 

NaPoWriMo 2016 – No 3 – Kooks



Her name was Liza Jane
but she would only love you
until Tuesday.
“John, I’m only dancing” she’d cry
but she was a rebel –
she only brought you sorrow.

The starman was a space oddity.
He told you stories
of life on Mars
and caused the changes in you.
You were truly loving the alien.
“Hallo Spaceboy! You are my little wonder!”

1984 –
The beginning of the golden years.
The fame, the sound and vision
of the young Americans
in their blue jeans and
Don Johnson jackets
You were under pressure
whilst they were dancing in the street.

You crawled up the hill backwards
Right to the edges
of Suffragette city
where the cat people
became your heroes.
Then, you could only look back in anger
at the ones who crawled and slithered
over the breaking glass.

The beautiful China girl
was a truly modern love.
You had to admit that you
were both absolute beginners
in a fashion.
“Let’s dance under the moonlight”
I remember you said.

But, where are we now?
I look up to the stars
and I see that love is lost.
There is only one solitary black star
hanging bleakly in the poisoned sky.
And I can only dream
of the day you rise up again
like Lazarus.

Two Sentence Horror Stories


I sleepily snuggle into my husband's cold arms as he climbs in beside me. A minute later my mobile rings : “Hi honey I'm downstairs at the front door and I've forgotten my keys”…


Her eyes were the most beautiful he had ever seen – deep green with little flecks of gold dancing in the irises. He sighed deeply as he tightly screwed the lid on the jar and placed them on the shelf, alongside all the others.

NaPoWriMo 2015 – No 30 – End Credits


Do you remember

after the disco –

the sandpaper kisses?

You left your guard down

allowed yourself

to wish impossible things.

And I….

I fell in love with a dead boy.


For a while afterwards

I lived on the moon,

I changed my name –

faced reality without you.

But now…

every time the sun comes up,

I dream of us

and remember

everything I didn't say.