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NaPoWrimo No 11 – Migraine Blues



Hello pain,
Unwelcome back
I thought you’d gone away
But still you remain
Pushing the buttons
Twiddling the knobs
Turning up the levels

Thanks for poling up today
Just when I didn’t need you
Causing the familiar
Kaleidoscope of zigzags
The fuzzy wuzzy blank spots
Then leaving a world of
Hatefulness in your wake

My skull is throbbing
My eyes falling out
Lights! Bright lights!
Retreat to the comfort
Of the darkened room
And wait for your
Ultimate surrender


NaPoWriMo No 9 – The Ugsome Thing



Oh Ugsome thing
The toothsome grin
Collaged upon your face

Brings out the worst
In fair maids cursed
And from you they do race

Your gruesome smile
Turns up the dial
On screamage – don’t you see?

The spew doth rise
They shut their eyes
And from you they do flee

Poor Ugsome thing!
Yet, when you sing
Your voice is clear and pure

Until they spy
Your loathsome eye
And that they won’t endure.

An ode to Justin Bieber

NaPoWriMo No 8 – Lethologica



Oh you foul slubberdegullion!
Your tachyphagia has led you
To this nidorosity

You think I don’t notice
Your oculaplania, the way you are
So intent on being

You mumpsimus sloth!
You are jumentous and pyknic
Xenobombulate no longer…

I’ve tired of you and your
Philosophunculistic ways

Begone and take your bletcherous behind with you!
(and your dictionary).

NaPoWriMo No 7 – Skin Tight



Skin tight
She wants them skin tight
So that they fit right
Upon her frame

Skin tight
The ad says “skin tight –
These jeans will cling right
And not look lame!”

Skin tight
They’re packed up real tight
These jeans are so light
“You won’t look back”

Skin tight
So cool and skin tight
She picks the “off white”
Straight off the rack.

Skin tight
They slide on skin tight
Just right for her height
But they feel strange!

Skin tight
They’re way too skin tight!
Something is not right
They start to change….

Biting, fighting, melting, holding,
beating, eating, devouring, moulding
Squeezing, not pleasing! “Help me wont you?!”
Screaming, not dreaming, “We now fit you…”

Skin tight
They melted skin tight
Using your skin right
To feed upon

And now they’ll use you
They will abuse you
Those alien jeans who
Will leave their spawn…

Written after an afternoon sitting in changing rooms watching people trying to squeeze into unwieldy clothing. With a slight evil twist…lol

NaPoWriMo No 5 – 62-65 degrees Celsius



The workbench is strewn
with feathers and pools
of melted wax – solidified.

His fingers work surely and deftly
securing each feather
with wax and thread.

Two pairs
of beautiful wings!

“Flying weather today boy”
Both poised on the cliff top
Like two makeshift angels.

They jump and defy gravity
Gliding effortlessly after the gulls
who caw and screech their disgust
at such abominations.

Too bad that Icarus
did not know about
the melting point of wax.